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Charlottesville House of Prayer is a Presence based community serving Central Virginia, committed to day and night worship, prayer, and  partnership with God to reveal His glory and extend His kingdom on the earth. 


Intimacy with Jesus - Our first and foremost priority is to pursue the true knowledge of God with all our hearts - especially of Christ and Him crucified. As the Bride of Christ this pursuit by worship and prayer is the "one thing" that occupies our hearts and minds above all others. (Ps. 27:4)

Centrality of the Scriptures - We are committed to the Bible in all that we do and look to the Scripture as the primary guide and source of truth and life as well as our primary source for our regular meditation, prayer and intercession. (Heb. 4:12)

Presence based Community – The Kingdom of God is a family who connected in Agape relationship and the presence of the Spirit of God according to the new covenant. We practice love, acceptance and forgiveness in relationships with others and covenant to serve and prefer one another in love. (Rom 12:4-21)   


Expectancy – We are living in a time of preparation for the visitation of the Lord. We believe that the Day of the Lord is fast approaching. We are passionately convinced that brokenness, repentance, prayer and yieldedness to the Spirit of God is urgently needed as a response. (Joel 2:16-18)​

Day and night worship and prayer – We believe that God has called us to Seek His face both day and night and that we are to worship, pray and partner with Jesus for his purposes and visitation on the earth. We believe that the fire on the altar of incense (prayer) must never go out until he brings justice on the earth: the transformation of our city, the nation and the world. (Luke 18:6).​


Fasted Lifestyle - We believe that a lifestyle of fasting and prayer is central and normative in the life of the believer. This lifestyle is the path of true knowledge and obedience to Jesus and partnership with Him to shape history. (Isa. 58)​ 


Compassion/Justice/Generosity - We are called to reach out in compassionate service to the poor, disenfranchised, and oppressed in our community. We are called to actively work for justice in our community for the same. We are called to give generously to those in need. (Luke 4:18-19)​   


Supernatural ministry - We are committed to the revelation of the presence of God on the earth through supernatural ministry, signs and wonders. We cultivate the ministry of God through the callings and gifts of the Holy Spirit.  In this way, we partner with God to see the Kingdom of God come "on earth as it is in heaven " (John 14:12-14)​           


Evangelism - We are called to reach out in love to those that do not yet know Jesus in order to reveal the knowledge of God; His love, presence and power for the purpose of winning others to Jesus according to the gospel of the kingdom. (Matt. 28:18-20)​   


Discipleship - We believe that Jesus commissioned us to make disciples. We are committed to mentoring spiritual friends, sons and daughters. We seek to live in community with others teaching them to love, hear and obey God with great care and purpose for the glory of God and the extension of His kingdom on the earth.  (Matt. 28:18-20)​ 


Arts & Culture - God is actively at work on the earth to redeem all aspects of culture. We partner with God within our culture to redeem and express His kingdom through it. We believe that the creative arts are vital expressions of worship, prophetic ministry, and communication. ​(Hab. 2:14) 


Israel - We pray for the peace of Israel and agree with the Scriptures concerning the people of God. We and are committed to contending for the fullness of God's purposes for Israel. (Psalm 122:6-8)

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