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Worship Leader Academy

Starts: Thursday February 18th, 2021

Ends:  Thursday April 15th, 2021

Time: 8:00-9:30 pm

Labs: 1 Hour in addition to class starting Thursday, March 4th

This is a LIVE class!

No online Option is available for Worship Academy!

Text: The Way of Worship: A guide to living and leading authentic worship (By: Michael Neale, Vernon M. Whaley)

Workbook: The Way of Worship Student Workbook (By: Michael Neale, Vernon M. Whaley)

Cost: $45 (for book, workbook, and supplies)




Worship Academy is for up to 6 students who are called to lead worship. This is an in-depth worship leader training course. All students will receive excellent teaching and biblical training from C-HOP staff and area worship leaders. (Worship leaders who lead worship every week) You will learn about the essential Biblical principles of authentic worship as well as the character and discipline needed to be a good worship leader. This training includes strategies for practicing effectively and how to plan the “flow” of a worship service. You will learn how to use worship strategy and grow in musical excellence no matter where you are in your growth as a musician. You will learn how to lead devotional, intercessory, spontaneous and harp and bowl worship.


Jon Quesenberry – has an MDiv from Eastern Mennonite Seminary and area worship leaders (TBA.) Jon is the director of the Charlottesville House of Prayer and pastor of the Dwelling Place Fellowship. Jon has been leading worship for over 40 years. Jon has been on the front lines of prayer leadership and worship in the city and has equipped many believers to passionately pursue God in worship.

Area Worship Leaders (TBA) will join each lab session for live instruction and mentoring in worship.


Week 1: Biblical Principles of Authentic Worship
Week 2: Encountering God in Excellence
Week 3: Flow: The Ancient Way of Worship
Week 4: Worship "Strategies" 
Week 5: Devotional Worship (plus lab)
Week 6: Intercessory Worship (plus lab)
Week 7: Spontaneous Worship (plus lab)
Week 8: Harp and Bowl Worship (plus lab)
Week 9: Worship Intensive (plus lab)

This class will be done LIVE.

It will not be available via Zoom!

CDC guidelines will be followed at all times:

All participants will be required to:

  • Cleanse hands upon arrival

  • Wear masks until seated

  • Maintain distancing of 6 feel between households.

  • We believe it is an expression of love for others to follow these guidelines. 

Piano Lesson
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