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I feel impressed to share with you the following vision. Aspects of the vision have come to pass and other aspects are yet to happen.


The testimony that I am about to share with you happened on a Wednesday early in June 2004. I am unsure whether I was awake or asleep at the time of the event, so I am not sure if it was a vision or a dream that I experienced Therefore, the following is a description of what I saw on a Wednesday in June, 2004.


I laid down on my bed and almost immediately a “picture of a forest” came into view. Soon it seemed as if saw myself standing “in the picture” and then it seemed that I was literally standing in a forest.


The forest that surrounded me was not a mature forest but it was apparent to me that it had been the sight of a forest fire at some time in the recent past. Tall trees with burned branches and charred trunks stood around me, some covered with ivy. Everywhere beneath the undergrowth were ashes.  In and about the charred trees were smaller living trees - as if the reforestation of the woods were underway - most of these trees were 10-15 ft tall.


Then I saw a man who I immediately recognized as the Lord come into view. He was not in a “glorified form,” but seemed to be somewhat like I imagine Jesus appeared “in the flesh.” He seemed intent on finding something in the forest. The whole scene struck me as odd and I wondered ‘what in the world” Jesus could be looking for in this place! I watched, and from a distance I was amazed to see him wondering “here and there.” He would kneel down and pick up small coals from ash beds (the kind of gray ashes piles that are left in your fireplace after the fire has died down.) These ash beds were beside the brush and under trees that had survived the fire. I got the distinct impression that these coals were the remnant of the fire that had once burned the entire forest to the ground at some time in the past. He gathered them in His hands and placed these 12 coals in a small pit that he had constructed on the ground. Some of the coals were minuscule; others were as large as a man’s thumb. I remember being unimpressed with this little pile of gray & smoldering coals.



Then He knelt down and with a smile on His face and with a steady and strong breath He blew on the coals.. The breath was an incredibly lengthy and strong breath. It was a “supernatural” breath because it was longer and stronger than I had ever seen. It was a spiritual event and I got the distinct impression that the Lord was excited in anticipation as the small pile began to change from a smoldering gray to a fiery red. The coals did not produce a flame but it was clear that the potential for fire was imminent in the bed of coals. They no longer were smoldering ineffectively in separate places but “RED HOT” in connection with each other.


Then I saw the Lord go into the forest again and as before, he began to gather from there and there small sticks.. Some were 3 inches in length, others were 6 or 8 inches long. The sticks were very dead and dry. From 12 different trees and 12 different places He gathered these sticks.. One at a time he took each stick in His hands and broke each one before placing it on the bed of coals. As the first stick made contact with the fire, It began to smolder. Then He got another and another.. breaking each one into splinters... It seemed to be a supernatural “breaking.” He seemed to do this with great joy and in anticipation of a fire that he was going to produce in the pit. By the time he had collected the 12 “sticks” that he had reduced to splinters, the individual sticks in the pile could not be discerned one from another. The pile was really “smoldering” because the coals continued to glow red with heat and had not died down at all.


He smiled as he knelt down and with great joy and anticipation He blew again, as before with a long steady and strong breath. It was a spiritual breath. I remember thinking that the sticks would just simply ignite before he began to blow.... but he blew these long breaths for what seemed to be a few minutes... I was amazed that the fire did not just simply “flame over” right away.. Suddenly, the sticks burst into flames. The Lord seemed overjoyed with this event and jumped up with great joy.


I watched with great interest as the Lord went back into the forest and from “here and there” began to gather branches. At first the branches were smaller, but it wasn’t very long until medium sized and then large branches went into the growing fire.


Finally, it seemed as if the Lord was running about with a great intensity of purpose picking up and throwing large logs upon the fire that sent the flames up higher and higher into the air.


At one point, I thought to myself, ”Wow! Those flames must be 40 feet high!” Suddenly, a deep concern gripped my heart... It seemed that the fire was getting out of control and I became concerned for the forest. I thought that the fire was becoming quite intense, yet the Lord seemed completely oblivious to the danger of the fire that He was building. Instead, He continued to throw fuel upon the fire. The flames continued to grow higher and hotter.


I remember that I began to step back from where I was standing (about 20 yards away) because I could feel the intensity of fire - the radiant heat - on my face and my eyes were “squinting” because of the intensity of the light from the fire. The Lord, however, seemed unconcerned, impervious to the heat and incredibly happy! He seemed almost manic as he joyfully continued to feed the growing fire. Through this whole event the lord had not said a word at all, but it was at this point in the vision that I thought I heard the Lord saying something. He was either singing or shouting as he continued to work. I cannot be sure what He said, but it was either a declaration or an expression of celebration because of the look of passion and confidence that I saw on His face. I simply could not hear Him because of the roar of the fire.


It was as I was straining to hear what was being said that I suddenly became very fearful... I saw the fire begin to “flash over” into the smaller living trees around it, then just as suddenly - the charred trees around the sight also caught on fire! It seemed as if the fire had reached a “point of no return.” of sorts. In just a few seconds it seemed that entire area in front of me was on fire. I became fearful for my life, so I turned and ran as fast as I could into the forest down the hill that was behind me.


When I opened my eyes, I was surprised to find myself lying on my bed. I was surprised to discover that what i had just seen was “not real.” I was surprised because, in the dream, I could smell the smoke, I could fell the heat on my face and hear the roar of the flames and my heart was racing because I was still afraid of being burned.



DISCERNMENTS:   In a two day period following the vision/dream the Lord revealed to me the following 6 discernments:


1)         The 12 coals are the lead intercessors or groups who cannot help burning with the fire of intercession. These remnant intercessors/groups have within them the fire of God.. It is what remains from the last great awakening in Virginia.


2)         The coals are most comfortable to remain hidden and minimally active - but the Lord is unable to use the coals to light the fire of revival until the intercessors are unified.


3)         The burning coals are not revival. The FLAME represents the fires of revival - The coals have the potential to bring the flame but cannot of themselves generate the flame of revival. The coals must in one accord to produce “the heat” needed for renewal.


4)         The 12 sticks are 12 pastors / shepherds who the Lord will and has been breaking in preparation for the fire of revival. Their brokenness and yieldedness combined with “the heat” produced by the unity of intercessory prayer will begin the fire of revival.


5)         The branches and the logs represent groups of believers...churches... small ones first.. larger ones later... The ignite the churches with His fire because of the unity and intercession of the intercessors and the brokenness and yieldedness of the pastors.


6)         The “flash over” represents Revival in earnest... Community Transformation. The next Great Awakening in this area. This will happen only after whole groups of believers are “consumed” in the fire of God.


In July 2004 the Lord gave me another specific word concerning this vision:


7)         The “revivals” of the past are nothing to be compared with this. What the Lord intends to produce on the earth will not be like any “fire” that has happened before. It will be greater in intensity and magnitude on every level. The fruition of this vision will be both terrible and awesome. It will simply be the beginning of consummation of the plan of God.


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