Charlottesville Prayer Coalition


Sunday, August 12th 2018

2-4 pm

& Unified Prayer 4- 5:30pm


We will gather in unity on August 12, 2018 to walk and  pray...

THIS IS NOT A PROTEST! We will walk in peaceful unified prayer. No signs will be permitted during the Prayer Walk. This will be a multi-ethnic prayer advance. Christian believers of all colors and ethnicity are invited to gather, walk and pray.


WE ARE CALLED TO PRAY. Prayer is partnership with God. We will partner with other believers to agree with God for His peaceful and loving reign on the earth. The fullness of God's glory can be seen when his multi-ethnic people gather in unity.


WE BELIEVE that God is calling us to gather in unity. We believe that God is asking us as His covenant people to reach across lines that divide to pray in unity for our city. We agree to lay aside our divisive preferences to partner with all believers. We will walk and pray to reveal the fullness of God's glory and extend His kingdom in our city.


On August 12th we will:

  • Be motivated by love (Reveal the love of God to all - unto healing & awakening in our city)

  • Prefer one another (Remain focused on selfless love of others – as God loves us)

  • Be unified in vision (Singular in focus and action -to engage in unity)

  • Reach across lines (Partner with people who are different than us – for His glory)

  • Proclaim the good news (Loving prayer and ministry of the good news – to make Jesus famous)

  • Engage in prophetic acts (Engage in strategic acts - to reveal the God of Love)

  • Provide an alternative for the protest culture (Proactive love rather than reactive aggression)

  • Partner with like minded groups from other cities (Civil Righteousness groups from other cities are invited to join with us for this event)

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2:00 pm                       Gather at the University of Virginia Rotunda

                                          (Free Parking is available at Central Grounds Garage - 400 Emmet St. S.)

Welcome and Prayer - by Coalition Leadership

Prayer Walking 101 - by Coalition leadership

Prayer March Etiquette briefing (what to do, what not to do, how to respond to resistance)

Song: (Perhaps: “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine”)

Begin Prayer Walk

2:30-3:30 pm              Prayer Walk in Groups of Two (reaching across lines of color, sex, age etc..)

Walk peacefully, prayerfully down Main street, left on 4th Street, Right through Staples parking lot, left on Ridge McIntire Street, Right, through parking lot East on West Market Street to Emancipation park, circle and pray at Emancipation park – silent prayer, Enter The Haven on 112 W. Market Street for worship and prayer meeting & sending out teams

3:30-4:00 pm             Prayer Walk Around Emancipation Park

Praying for unity and awakening in our city 

4:00-6:00 pm             Worship & Prayer Meeting in Christ Church lot (120 High St. West)

30 minutes of worship, 30 minutes of Intercession

Prayer - led by area pastors or prayer leaders

Worship - led by area worship leaders

At 4:00pm commission and send:

  • Street ministry teams

  • Worship teams

6:00-7:30 pm               Better Together - Unified Event at the Spring Pavilion

Worship, Scripture Reading and Prayer at the Sprint Pavilion on the downtown mall. Pastor Rob Pochek (FBC) and Pastor Joe Magri (Trinity Pres) are spearheading this inter-denominational event.


Proposed Route of Charlottesville Prayer Coalition Prayer Walk – 1.5 miles

Starting at the Rotunda, EAST on Main Street, LEFT on 4th Street, RIGHT through Staples parking lot, LEFT on Ridge MacIntire Street, THROUGH parking lot, EAST on West Main Street to Emancipation Park, CIRCLE Emancipation Park, ENTER the Haven on 112 W. Market Street for worship and prayer meeting.

Prayer Walk Route FINAL.jpg

Jared Olson/JHOP DC